What is the procedure for accessing formal learning programmes

Behaviorism[ edit ] This theoretical framework was developed in the early 20th century based on animal learning experiments by Ivan PavlovEdward ThorndikeEdward C.

What is the procedure for accessing formal learning programmes

Subject to confirmation Three years Teachers who were registered with the Teachers Council on the day the Education Council commenced automatically transferred as registered with the Education Council.

There is no requirement for these teachers to reapply for registration in the future, unless their registration is cancelled. Teachers who also held a practising certificate on the day the legislation passed were automatically granted a practising certificate with the same expiry date.

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The practising certificate carries the category of registration they held with the Council. The Registered Teacher Criteria are now called the Practising Teacher Criteria, although the criteria and key indicators remain the same. All teachers who hold a practising certificate with the Education Council are encouraged to use the online register to check when it expires.

Further guidance is available on the Education Council website. Registration in the category subject to confirmation STC expired at the same time as the practising certificate. If a LAT holder wishes to seek an amendment to the terms stated in their LAT, they will be required to reapply for a new one.

It also indicates whether the teacher holds a current practising certificate, or their practising certificate has expired. The register displays live information about the current status of all teachers who are registered, and those who also hold a practising certificate.

If a teacher is registered this means, at the time registration was approved, the Education Council considered the teacher was: If a teacher holds a current practising certificate, the Education Council has been assured within the last three years that the teacher continues to be: Purposes of the Registration Policy Registration signals that a teacher has met the initial requirements for entry to the teaching profession.

In order to become registered, a teacher must demonstrate that they are of good character and fit to be a teacher, are satisfactorily trained to teach and have a satisfactory Police vet.

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Registration is granted only once, and does not expire. To be lawfully employed in schools, kura, kindergartens and in most positions in early childhood education settings, teachers are required to be both registered and to hold a practising certificate. In order to be issued with and renew a practising certificate, a teacher must demonstrate on an ongoing basis that they are of good character and fit to be a teacher and have a satisfactory Police vet.

What is the procedure for accessing formal learning programmes

When a teacher holds a current practising certificate, employers, colleagues, learners and the wider community can be assured that a teacher has been recently assessed as being safe and competent. The category of practising certificate indicates how recently the teacher has met all of the Practising Teacher Criteria, or whether the teacher is yet to meet them for the first time.

A practising teacher is expected to be actively engaged in the process of being issued with and renewing a practising certificate and ensuring that their employment is lawful by holding a current practising certificate when employed in a teaching position. This document explains the rules, guidelines, policies and procedures that the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand the Education Council will use to interpret and apply the legislation in relation to registering and issuing practising certificates to teachers in New Zealand.

This policy applies to all registered teachers, practising teachers and those authorised to be employed in a teaching position in New Zealand.

What is the procedure for accessing formal learning programmes

It explains how people can join, remain within and leave the New Zealand teaching profession. The guidelines, policies and procedures set out in this document are underpinned by: Definitions used in the Registration Policy The following terms are applied consistently throughout this document and to all registration and practising certificate policies and guidelines.

Accreditation This term refers to the official recognition of a course by accrediting bodies in a state or territory. It indicates that academic quality and standards have been checked and verified. Those educational institutions that wish to have approval from the Education Council as a setting where teachers can renew a full practising certificate must apply for approval from the Education Council and provide evidence of having an appraisal system that requires teachers to meet, with evidence, all of the Practising Teacher Criteria, and be meaningfully appraised using the Criteria.

Experienced teachers can either hold a full practising certificate or a subject to confirmation practising certificate. Likely to meet the Practising Teacher Criteria A teacher is likely to meet the Practising Teacher Criteria if their experience and training signals that they are likely to meet the Criteria when they can be meaningfully appraised using them.Simulation is increasingly referred to in the nursing literature and its use in healthcare has developed dramatically over the past decade.

Whilst the concept of simulation is not new, there is now a greater emphasis on its use in nurse education (Murray et al., ). The Role of the Library and Information Science Professionals As Managers: A Comparative Analysis. Parvez Ahmad, Web Librarian Web Portal & E-Services Department, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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