Vegetables market report

The canned vegetables are convenient as there is no need to wash, peel, and cut them. The working population of women and men is increasing, so the need for such convenience is growing at a significant rate. Advancements in technology and improved distribution network in the developing markets such as India and China has led to strong growth opportunities for the canned vegetable market. Canned vegetables are becoming more popular among health-conscious consumers as fiber content present in vegetables does not get affected by the canning process.

Vegetables market report

It is being extensively used for manufacturing various products such as bottles, food containers, bags and carry-away cups as it can be used as a drop-in replacement to synthetically derived PET.

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Rising demand for eco-friendly bottles and containers is expected to result in the dominant share of the segment over the forecast period.

Rising demand for packed foods and cosmetics is expected to augment the growth of the market over the next few years. In addition, ease of processing for manufacturing films, bags or boxes coupled with the ability of the polymer to decompose naturally in water and carbon dioxide is expected to result in its tremendous growth over the projected period.

Vegetables market report

Flexible bioplastic packaging is likely to witness substantial growth over the next few years. Rising demand for biodegradable films and bags, particularly for perishable goods, is expected to drive the growth of the market.

This packaging is being increasingly used for chocolates, confectionary, fruits, vegetables and dry foods including tea and muesli. Growing consumption of these food products is expected to result in a substantial growth over the forecast period.

Rising demand for bio-based bottles on account of their ability to be reused and recycled is expected to augment its growth.

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Companies are undertaking various initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint by making available separate disposal bins to reuse and recycle these bottles. The demand for bioplastic packaging for food applications was Growth of the food industry is expected to augment the growth of the market over the next few years.Global Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Market segmentation is also an important aspect of any market research report.

Market segmentation is mostly based on demography, geography and behavior. It helps understand the consumers and their demands and behavior towards a particular product or market.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the current trends, drivers, and dynamics of the global frozen vegetables market to elucidate the prevailing opportunities and tap the investment pockets.

It offers qualitative trends and quantitative analysis from to to assist stakeholders to understand the market scenario. Industry Insights. The global bioplastic packaging market size was estimated at USD billion in and is expected to witness significant growth on account of rising consumer awareness regarding the harmful effects of synthetic plastics on the ecology.

This market is also directly influenced by the growing processed food and drink sectors, which in turn boosts sales of fruit and vegetable ingredients. This category is broken down by country and region as well as food type and covers research on a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

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Vegetables market report

Trade Situation for Fruit and Vegetable Products Congressional Research Service 2 Fruit and Vegetable Trade Situation Summary The U.S. trade deficit in fresh and processed fruits and vegetables totaled more than $11 billion in. This report includes in-depth study analysis of frozen fruits and vegetables market It covers market segmentation by type, sub-type, form, packaging and application It helps in identifying region-wise major suppliers and understand consumption patterns.

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