Unilever product life cycle

Configuration management Concurrent engineering workflow[ edit ] Concurrent engineering British English: Although this does not necessarily reduce the amount of manpower required for a project, as more changes are required due to the incomplete and changing information, it does drastically reduce lead times and thus time to market. Feature-based CAD systems have for many years allowed the simultaneous work on 3D solid model and the 2D drawing by means of two separate files, with the drawing looking at the data in the model; when the model changes the drawing will associatively update. Some CAD packages also allow associative copying of geometry between files.

Unilever product life cycle

The objectives were stated to ascertain and evaluate the marketing efforts of product life cycle in the cosmetic and detergent industry. In order to critically examine this. Therefore the researcher set out to ascertain the following objectives.

Firstly, to find out whether Unilever Nigeria Plc conduct thorough market research before embarking on developing its product. Secondly, to determine whether Unilever Nigeria Plc follows the formal procedure or sequences of product development process Ideas generation business analysis — concept of product testing product developing test Unilever product life cycle commercialization.

Last but not the least, to find out if product life cycle is useful in the achievement of marketing performance of Unilever Nigeria Plc.

In the literature review, the research review some literature in the area of marketing like: In research methodology and design, the researcher adopted both descriptive and analytical method in carrying out his sample survey research. A yaro yamen formula was use to get sample size.

Also a stratified random sampling technique in choosing the sample size was used. This was because all the units have equal chances of being considered. In chapter four, data were presented and analyzing.

Using simple table and chi square in analyzing the data respondents were presented in table and result of data analyze in percentage one after another.

Finally in the last chapter, the researcher made his summary, conclusion and recommendations which make the end of the project. It has been opined that the usefulness or other wise of the product life cycle concept has been the subject of an un-abating marketing discourse.

Is the product life cycle useful? Has been the questions at issues. Product life cycle is a marketing phenomenon which seeks to recognized various stages, a product passes in its sales history. It is also a graphic representation of the sequential rise and fall of a product sales and profits.

An important concept in the product planning forecasting, controlling and development process is that the product life cycle. No product last forever, products are originated, developed and launched.

Unilever product life cycle

It should be noted that some product pass through the cycle stage faster than others. In order to understand this concept, product life cycle vividly, and to fully appreciate its effects to be marketing as discussed in the literature review.

This study determines the concept as representing the unit sales trend or curve for some products, extending from the time it is first placed in the market until it is faced out. In other words, the concept describes the evaluation of a product overtime, as measure by its sales or percentage saturation, and explain its stages with models as exemplified by Unilever Nigeria Plc.

Some companies move through the cycle very rapidly, other never make it through the introductory stage of the growth period but Unilever Nigeria Plc has moved steadily and predictably through each stage to the maturity. The well — known sun light and key laundering soap are also manufactured by the company.

The company was converted into a public company on 12th September, and its share capital was listed on the Nigeria stock exchange NSE. Unilever Nigeria Plc has seven department: All work synergistically to achieve set objectives. Unilever also has branches both in Nigeria under which Aba branch fall and in other parts of the world like Ghana.

Share on social media:It also enables us to support Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), for example, by identifying how Unilever can minimise the environmental impacts of our products and manufacturing processes, notably in regard to energy, water and waste across their life cycle.

Life cycle analysis and assessment The concept of conducting a detailed examination of the life cycle of a product or a process is a relatively recent one which emerged in response to increased environmental awareness on the part of the general public, industry and governments.

Unilever product life cycle

Throughout its life cycle, the energy involved in all aspects of the production of Vaseline serves to enlighten consumers of the composition of the product and the energy required for the existence of such a widely present and versatile skin-care product.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Product Line and Product Mix for Unilever Brands" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Feb 27,  · The concept of a product’s “life cycle” is simple; the product is made from something somewhere in the world, it is sent to a store, it is bought from the store, and then it is disposed of after being used, at to which point the story ends as we know it as consumers.

Our products have an impact on the environment at each stage of their life cycle from the sourcing of raw materials through to product manufacture, distribution, consumer use and disposal. Understanding and managing these impacts is crucial to achieving our Sustainable Living Plan goals.

Life cycle.

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