The snake goddess and visitation: a comparison/contrast essay

Figurines[ edit ] The younger "snake goddess", from the palace of Knossos. Heraklion Archaeological Museum The first two snake goddess figurines to be discovered were found by Arthur Evans inin the temple repositories of Knossos. After firing, this produces bright colors and a lustrous sheen. This material symbolized the renewal of life in old Egypttherefore it was used in the funeral cult and in the sanctuaries.

The snake goddess and visitation: a comparison/contrast essay

Life of Substance Option One: What life changes are happening to the man that might explain his condition of demonic possession and general craziness? Everyone is congratulating him.

Some people have the moral foundation to handle lots of attention. The narrator is not one of these people. When he goes to the theater, everyone recognizes him and surrounds him. He has never enjoyed attention before. Once surrounded by gawking sycophants, he finds himself demonically possessed.

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He has no metacognition or self-awareness or irony to counteract the grandiosity of the experience. A lot of his disconnection results from the man living too much inside his head.

Whereas Dexter Green from "Winter Dreams" loses contact reality as he worships the Judy Jones God over a long period of time, the narrator from "The Other Woman" goes crazy in a more rapid manner. In a key passage, we read: As he explained when he told me of his experience, it was for him an altogether abnormal time.

He felt like one floating in air. When he got into bed after seeing so many people and hearing so many words of praise his head whirled round and round. When he closed his eyes a crowd of people invaded his room.

It seemed as though the minds of all the people of his city were centered on himself. The most absurd fancies took possession of him.

He imagined himself riding in a carriage through the streets of a city. Windows were thrown open and people ran out at the doors of houses.

The carriage drove into a street blocked with people. A hundred thousand pairs of eyes looked up at him. What a fellow you have managed to make of yourself! Attention Can Make You Go Crazy As an example, my friend has a precocious, talented, beautiful daughter who at a young age, around 5, showed amazing talent for doing skits, singing, and dancing.

The father explained that he had observed many cases of this happening. In other words, these children grew up to have a very high opinion of themselves but were disconnected from the human race. Their disconnection made them anxious and their anxieties propelled them to find escape through various self-destructive behaviors, mostly addictions.

Very few of us can handle too much attention because the more attention we receive the less we control our ability to define ourselves on our own terms. We become beholden to the image that others impose on us even when this image is a fiction that is disconnected from our real selves.

Secondly, too much attention warps our self-image. We perceive ourselves as something totally different than who we really are.

This creates confusion and cognitive dissonance. No one can live up to being a false god without falling hard.

The snake goddess and visitation: a comparison/contrast essay

In fact, a wise man once said that when we think we are rising in life we are really falling, and when we think we are falling we are really rising. In psychology, this is called the hedonic treadmill. We adapt to any type of pleasure until pleasure is impossible.

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As a result, we hit a wall and crash into despair. Seven, we become a false god to others and ourselves. By its very nature, being a false god is a form of insanity. We can become mini celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other types of social media.

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