The path of splitness

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The path of splitness

Guys i am sure that all our data on servers are not fully secured please be careful. NSA The spring air in the small, sand-dusted town has a soft haze to it, and clumps of green-gray sagebrush rustle in the breeze. Membership has doubled since —and the number of plural marriages has tripled—so the sect has recently been looking for ways to purchase more land and expand throughout the town.

But new pioneers have quietly begun moving into the area, secretive outsiders who say little and keep to themselves. Like the pious polygamists, they are focused on deciphering cryptic messages that only they have the power to understand.

Once built, it will be more than five times the size of the US Capitol. Rather than Bibles, prophets, and worshippers, this temple will be filled with servers, computer intelligence experts, and armed guards.

The NSA has become the largest, most covert, and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency ever. Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency.

A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. The mammoth Bluffdale center will have another important and far more secret role that until now has gone unrevealed. It is also critical, he says, for breaking codes. And code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle—financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications—will be heavily encrypted.

According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world but also many average computer users in the US.

The upshot, according to this official: Established as an arm of the Department of Defense following Pearl Harbor, with the primary purpose of preventing another surprise assault, the NSA suffered a series of humiliations in the post-Cold War years.

In response, the NSA has quietly been reborn. In the process—and for the first time since Watergate and the other scandals of the Nixon administration—the NSA has turned its surveillance apparatus on the US and its citizens.

It has established listening posts throughout the nation to collect and sift through billions of email messages and phone calls, whether they originate within the country or overseas.

It has created a supercomputer of almost unimaginable speed to look for patterns and unscramble codes. Finally, the agency has begun building a place to store all the trillions of words and thoughts and whispers captured in its electronic net.

Army Corps of Engineers Conceptual Site plan A swath of freezing fog blanketed Salt Lake City on the morning of January 6,mixing with a weeklong coating of heavy gray smog. Red air alerts, warning people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, had become almost daily occurrences, and the temperature was in the bone-chilling twenties.

But among those making it through the icy mist was a figure whose gray suit and tie made him almost disappear into the background.


He was tall and thin, with the physique of an aging basketball player and dark caterpillar eyebrows beneath a shock of matching hair. A short time later, Inglis arrived in Bluffdale at the site of the future data center, a flat, unpaved runway on a little-used part of Camp Williams, a National Guard training site.

Did he have any idea of the purpose behind the new facility in his backyard? It was Glenn A. Gaffney, deputy director of national intelligence for collection, a man who had spent almost his entire career at the CIA.

Within days, the tent and sandbox and gold shovels would be gone and Inglis and the generals would be replaced by some 10, construction workers. The plans for the center show an extensive security system: Inside, the facility will consist of four 25,square-foot halls filled with servers, complete with raised floor space for cables and storage.

The path of splitness

In addition, there will be more thansquare feet for technical support and administration.The Path of Splitness split ½ of the 1st Dimension, ½ of the 2nd Dimension, and ½ of the 3rd Dimension in the first Split of the two emerging Universes on either side of the 2-dimensional Universe.

It seems to me, judging by a comment by Luboš Motl, I ought to elaborate a bit on the issue of “splitness” of supermoduli space, and how it bears on the generalization of . The Path of Splitness does not fit into any pre-existing category of books.

The book covers the Origin of our Universe, the basic Structural Dynamics of Life, and an explanatory history and analysis of our Species starting from 25 million years ago, right up to the present day. The Path of Splitness which Impetus followed created the 3 linear Dimensions of our Universe in a natural Causal sequence.

Before the 1st Linear Dimension Impetus created the 1st Dimension of Length by splitting Infinite Everythingness in one direction. The Path of Splitness Chapter One: The Universe 59 third dimension, (the Infinite Triality of Energy-Space, and Time). It split three times: once, twice, and thrice It Split infinitely two times in one Trialistic Split.

Two-in-one. Two inside one.

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One in-between Two. 2.) Have you verified the Certification has been returned by the Officiant? The Path of Splitness Chapter One: The Universe 13 energy before it ever reached the surface of the earth.

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