Seafood research paper

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Seafood research paper

Seafood research paper

I will discuss XBRL in detail and also include the benefits an organization would receive as a result from its use. Introduction Neptune Gourmet Seafood Company faces a challenging situation.

The company has excess inventory of fish and is not sure what needs to be done.

Seafood research paper

Strategists within the firm have suggested involving price cuts and introduction of a second less expensive line of fish products. Company Analysis Neptune gourmet seafood is a vertically integrated firm and fits the categories of an oligopoly. There are several firms already within the fishing industry.

There are high barriers of entry to enter the fishing industry. Fixed costs include investments in fishing vessels, processing plants and salaries of its employees. Variable costs to the firm include delivery costs, cost of goods sold and costs of direct material, e. Shipping firms have these high barriers of entries to start a fishing firm.

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For Neptune Gourmet Seafood, its industry possesses high barriers to entry with high fixed costs and government restrictions to fish by granting licenses to operate. Neptune being vertically integrated utilizes its own supply division and logistics processes to facilitate delivery of its products.

Neptune thus must focus on its large volume sales to restaurants and its low volume sales to store customers. Substitutes within this industry are plentiful. However Neptune uses its pricing strategy to set itself apart and positioning itself as a firm that produces premium products for sale.

The number of firms that exist within the seafood firm is limited but not few.

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This industry has reached its maturity with very little potential growth available. Thus, Neptune Gourmet positions itself as a high end firm and prides itself on high quality and a superior product that sets it apart from its competitors.

Price discrimination for its restaurants and store customers can cause a loss in market share in either of its customers. Introduction of a second, more affordable line of product will cause internal cannibalization thus reducing sales.

If Neptune Gourmet seafood focuses on long term goals such as increasing its capacity, it maybe gambling too much and may overestimate its current market. Having more inventory does not mean it will generate an equal return on investment.

After having analyzed this article, I propose implementing a customer appreciation sale. This sale will involve a promotion of its products, where customers can buy two pounds, number of cans, crates etc. This will tempt its customers to buy two products and getting one free thus availing of the promotion.

Sales will increase, the firm will not have to incur additional channel costs and inventory will not perish or lay on the table. Customers will feel they are the reason this sale has occurred and this is a way of giving back to them. This is a great opportunity as customers from other competitors may switch to Neptune, seeing a company that is customer centric.Seafood extract are obtained from sea life animals such as fish, shellfish, crab, lobster etc.

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after processing them. Use of seafood in various industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and paper industry is increasing which in turn is driving the growth of seafood extracts in global market.

Essays & Papers Research Research Analysis Neptune Gourmet Seafood Research Analysis Neptune Gourmet Seafood Essay In this paper I will analyze the purpose and usefulness of data integration and the use of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).

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Mar 20,  · FDA is responsible for ensuring that the nation's seafood supply, both domestic and imported, is safe, sanitary, wholesome, and honestly labeled. Research & Development is a continuous process of improvement which can only be achieved by a highly qualified and well-trained staff. Our innovative ambitions and advanced technology result in new machines and solutions that produce better, faster and more efficient.

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