Report on traffic jam in bangladesh

If the current traffic jams in the mega city continue, the pace may gradually decline to four kilometres per hour or even slower than walking speed, the report feared. The hourly traffic speed was 21 kilometres even a decade ago. The report titled "Toward Great Dhaka:

Report on traffic jam in bangladesh

The residents are compelled to undergo physical stress and suffer financial losses in terms of man-hours lost on working days. The media, both print and electronic, have been constantly highlighting the sufferings of the commuters in Dhaka city because of the nagging traffic problem.

Yet no solution to the problem, apparently, is in sight, at least, in the short and medium terms, though a lot has been said and a big-enough programme, undertaken with the assistance from a multilateral lender to improve the traffic situation of the capital city in recent years.

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Various attempts were taken by previous governments including special meeting with the agencies concerned to devise means to help reduce the intensity of traffic problem in Dhaka city. Some tangible improvements were assured within the shortest possible time.

But, in fact nothing has happened with the traffic police remaining indifferent, in many cases, to their usual duty. The drivers of buses and trucks and the rickshaw-pullers continue Report on traffic jam in bangladesh be as defiant as before.

In the past politicians were often blamed partially for the chaotic traffic because of their alleged involvement in billion-taka toll collection from bus and truck owners and bus terminals.

The advisers of the caretaker government were believed to be clean in this respect. Yet, there was no improvement in the traffic situation. The public buses are still ignoring the authorized bus stoppages and picking up and dropping passengers from any point — even from the middle of the road.

Report on Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City - Assignment Point

At the bus stoppages, the drivers park buses in a haphazard manner blocking normal traffic movement. Then again, the buses do very often overtake other vehicles from the wrong side. Over 95 per cent of the buses plying on different routes of Dhaka city do not comply with requirements under the Motor Vehicles Act MVA.

They do not have back lights, indicators etc. The on-duty traffic sergeants, deliberately or otherwise, overlook violation of MVA and other traffic rules, for reasons best known to them.

A good number of such signaling devices have been out of order more than a year. How effective are the electronic traffic signals? In most traffic intersections having installed traffic signaling system, the on-duty traffic policemen resort to the manual control of vehicular movement, on the plea that the system is ineffective during rush hours.

This could be mainly due to the absence of a synchronized operation of the entire electronic traffic signaling system. Thus, the solution lies not in the installation of electronic signals or increase in the number of traffic police.

The effective use of the two might provide some temporary relief but not a permanent solution. Some alternatives such as elevated expressways, subways and multi-layer fly-over across the city hold the key to solving the problem.

More than 7 hundred thousand rickshaws ply the city road, but only 75 thousand have legal number. From time to time attempts are made to reduce the number, but the initiative usually produces very slow impacts.

Government has also tried many solutions like flyovers, bridges, and circular water ways. But, it still it needs a lot of planning.

Traffic jam is obstructing trade and commerce. Illegal parking is another reason for traffic jam. Cars, trucks and other vehicles are parked almost everywhere.

Faulty traffic signaling systems, inadequate manpower and narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions and intensify sufferings of commuters keeping people motionless as well as creating suffocating condition in the streets.

Due to traffic jam, we are suffering economically, physically and even mentally.

How To Reduce Traffic Jam In Dhaka City In Bangladesh

So, we want to work on this vital issue to find out the causes and suggest some realistic possible solutions and their economical impact on the people of Dhaka city. People are afraid to get out of their houses because the journey from home to office or business centre takes away the vital hours that he could devote to his work.

Other than being late in the offices, work places or on any scheduled appointments, mental disgust, exhaustion and loss of effective man hours is a colossal drain on the resources of the whole country.

According to some source of the DCC there are about one lakh licenced rickshaws in the city but unofficially perhaps four lakh rickshaws are plying on the city roads.Motorists have been caught up in a four hour traffic jam with cars backed up for miles due to a seven vehicle accident.

The smash happened between junction 28 .

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Dec 09,  · Introduction. Dhaka city’s traffic system is considered to be one of the most chaotic ones in the world.

Report on traffic jam in bangladesh

The residents are compelled to undergo physical stress and suffer financial losses in terms of man-hours lost on working days.

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Report on traffic jam in bangladesh

Beijing, China (August ) A mile long traffic jam lasted for an incredible 12 days on the Beijing-Tibet expressways simply because too many vehicles were clogging the road, particularly.

Africa Can Tackle Its “Severe Learning Crisis,” Needs to Focus on Access and Quality, Says World Bank. Traffic Jam Research Report Bangladesh In: Business and Management Traffic Jam Research Report Bangladesh Reasons behind traffic jam in Dhaka city (a) City lay-out (master plan) and over-population: The causes of traffic congestion in Dhaka city are multifarious.

Starting from the city itself, it is observed that the skeleton, structure and lay-out of Dhaka City are not well-planned and well-directed.

Dhaka loses m working hours to traffic congestion daily | Dhaka Tribune