Ojt practicum final paper

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Ojt practicum final paper

The project entailed a reinterpretation of the historic program. By establishing a big idea and themes that run throughout our revised documents, we hope that the historic program at the Red Cross can further the institutions humanitarian mission and inspire more Americans to support the organization in new ways.

Perhaps our biggest challenge was the fact that the Red Cross is not an organization primarily concerned with history; in fact, history is not mentioned in their mission statement.

They are a humanitarian organization led largely by volunteers, and, guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, the mission of the Red Cross is to provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

An Interpretive Approach Walnut Creek: AltaMira Press, This is understandable for an organization concerned primarily with providing humanitarian aid, especially in tough economic times.

However, the Red Crosss history is so extensive, impressive, and inspiring that it also provides a good public historian with many opportunities; if the power of this history is properly harnessed, it can inspire people towards action and support of the Red Crossbe it in the form of time, blood, or money.

As Marie Malaro reminds us in Museum Governance, nonprofit institutions such as the Red Cross encourage personal participation in the betterment of society. First and foremost, the Red Cross wanted us to revise their headquarters building tour. The tour as it existed was not chronological, lacked a big idea or coherent themes, and was focused instead on objects and often unnecessary facts.

Secondly, they wanted us to produce an audio tour that visitors could use outside of the building on days that tours are not offered. The headquarters building is a working office building, and all tour guides are volunteers, so tour offerings are somewhat limited.

Through an audio tour, guests can learn about the organization even if they cant take a guided tour. We also created a map that orients the visitor in the neighborhood and provides them with additional information on memorials not covered on the audio tour.

Best Practices for Reaching the Public proofed especially useful in the creation of our audio tour. Mission, Ethics, Policy Washington: Smiethsonian Institution Press,6.

These cards highlight important people, places, and things from Red Cross history, for instance Clara Barton, E Street the Disasters Operations Centerand the Tiffany glass windows.

From our visitor observations, we learned that guests really enjoy having something that they can take away from their experience. From a professional point of view, the trading cards can also serve as a reminder to guests long after their visit, increasing the likelihood that they will take action.

Finally, we proposed a Founders Day for high-level donors specifically interested in Red Cross history. This all-day event would foster improved donor relationships as well as an interest in Red Cross history, and, if implemented successfully, would demonstrate the power of well-presented history in garnering organizational support.

Our team approached these challenges as a group, setting goals from the beginning and making it clear what was expected of each team member. Lisa Brochus book, Interpretive Planning:Your final evaluation/analysis, which should consider the entire practicum, must be a formal paper, no more than 3 pages in length.

Ask your supervising librarian/archivist to contact the Practicum Director with an informal appraisal of your performance at approximately the midpoint of your practicum.

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Ojt practicum final paper

Practicum Report Ni SEXYLOVEBABE. Uploaded by. joeileen Practicum Report. Uploaded by. Eman Garcia.3/5(2). Final Practicum Report The major narrative divisions of the practicum final report are described below: Introduction Describes why the work was done.

Describe the problem or need on which the practicum was based, the historical background of this problem or need, and any earlier efforts made for. A Hotel and Restaurant Practicum Report INTRODUCTION The practicum training is an integral part of the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Tourism (BSHMT) program of .

This paper is a reflection and evaluation of a 75 hour health promotion practicum conducted over three weeks (five hour on every working day of the week). This health promotion practicum was conducted at various clinics at Ibeju-lekki General Hospital, Akodo (a secondary health care facility located in a rural area in Lagos State Nigeria) .

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