Nippenose valley observations

Dincher and has been worked over several times over the past two years by me, mostly, with lots of help in the way of photography and a map by User: Ruhrfischwho also supplied helpful information and advice. Thanks, Finetooth talk I noticed the mention of 3 NRHP historic sites in the lede, but then had trouble finding them in the article.

Nippenose valley observations

Each was operating its own department, which mirrored themselves in terms of personnel, equipment, and operations. To have a better understanding of the parties involved, we will review each township.

The committee was charged to develop and investigate the economic and service viability of providing a combined Fire Service, within the following parameters: Provide dependable, effective fire and rescue services to the public. Continuation of those services provided beyond traditional fire and rescue duties.

Development of recommended Standard Operating Guidelines. Development of a central administrative and operational structure.

Spring Garden Township

Shared resources and training programs. Reduction of unnecessary duplication of equipment and services while enhancing cooperative purchasing opportunities.

Nippenose valley observations

Preservation and enhancement of the volunteer fire service. To determine the process, the committee first reviewed the Township Departments. Census reflects a township population of 11, representing 4, households and 2, families. The five-member Board of Commissioners is responsible for establishing policies of the Township, as well as other legislative responsibilities.

Two major traffic arteries traverse Springettsbury, Interstate 83 and U. Census reflects a population of 23, with a population density of 1, per square mile and 9, housing units.

Springettsbury Township has the second largest municipal population in York County, Nippenose valley observations only than York City.


According to York County Planning Commission projections, Springettsbury is expected to continue to grow by 9 percent between and and an additional 7. Sincethe Township has been governed under the Supervisor - Manager Form of government. The Board of Supervisors includes five members and is responsible for the establishment of the policies of the Township and other legislative responsibilities.

A Township Manager, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, is the chief administrative officer of the Township and oversees all departments of the Township. With the assistance of both township boards, Manager Greg Maust and Fire Chief Barry Emig from Spring Garden Township, Manager John Holman and Fire Chief Andrew Stern from Springettsbury Township, representatives from the career and volunteer firefighters, and members of the public, work commenced to develop the framework of the regional Department.

Nippenose valley observations

InCarroll Buracker and Associates, a professional emergency services consulting firm, were contracted to provide a comprehensive Joint Fire Services Plan.

The study was conducted in eight phases to include data collection, interviews, observations and fact finding, analysis of data, comparative analysis, development of alternatives, preparation of the report and oral briefing.

The report covered all facets of the charter municipalities and discussed various consolidation methods. The report was the product of participation from all interested parties and could not have been completed without the assistance and grant funding of DCED. Springetts History Organization of a fire company in the growing community of Yorkshire was the desire of a number of individuals as early asbut not until Christmas Eve inwhen fire destroyed a large residence there, did organization become the concern of practically everyone living in the neighborhood.

At a meeting held in the Yorkshire Elementary School on January 23, a group of persons gathered to formulate plans to guarantee home owners some kind of fire protection. During this meeting a volunteer fire company was organized. It was named Springetts Fire Company, deriving its name from the township in which it would be located, and officers were elected to direct its activities.

They were President, Mr. William Richley; Secretary, Mr. Jacob Hay; Treasurer, Mr. The first firefighting apparatus was built upon a Buick chassis donated by Mr. William Richley, and it was equipped with chemical tanks and feet of one-inch diameter hose.

Interest in the Fire Company grew, and the membership did likewise.YAUFR Inaugural Commissioners.


Chartered September 6th, Pictured from left to right: Don Bishop, George Dvoryak, William Schenck - Chairman, Austin Hunt - Vice Chairman, John Fullmer – Treasurer/Secretary, Thomas Warman and Richard Guyer. YAUFR Inaugural Commissioners.

Chartered September 6th, Pictured from left to right: Don Bishop, George Dvoryak, William Schenck - Chairman, Austin Hunt - Vice Chairman, John Fullmer – Treasurer/Secretary, Thomas Warman and Richard Guyer.

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