It happened to nancy

It Happened To Nancy - words This book is a diary that goes through the last two years of a young teenage girl's life, who got infected with the HIV virus after being date raped. The girl in the book isnamed Nancy and she is important enough to have her diary published because her lifewent from being a normal teenage girl with normal problems, to an abnormal girl withAIDS and abnormal problems.

It happened to nancy

Showing of 8 next show all This book claims to be non-fiction -- the diary of a teen-aged rape victim who dies of AIDS.

It happened to nancy

I don't buy the premise. The writings of a supposedly 15 year-old sound like they were written by a much younger child, or like an adult imagining the tragedy of a young person dying.

Nancy is either ga-ga about a group outing to a movie or oh, so thankful for her wonderful parents. Don't know many teenagers like that.

It Happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks Book Reviews

If I judge the book as fiction, it would also fail as there is no character development. Perhaps when the AIDS epidemic first hit, this book would have been more relevant -- there was a lot of fear, little knowledge, and almost no effective treatment.

At a minimum, this book doesn't stand the test of time. LynnB Jun 20, Remember to check out http: It's hard to review something which is a "real" diary and therefore not to be held to the standard of usual fiction. The quotation marks are there because the reality of Beatrice Sparks edited diaries is often questioned.

It happened to nancy

They all tend to have a similar feel and end on very convenient notes. Whatever the case is I'll only talk about it's educational and entertainment value.

The actual book does delve into illness but because "Nancy" is a special case with a low immune system things happen at a much faster and more devastating rate than they usually do.

It wasn't as exciting as some of the other diaries in the same line. Nancy's life is fairly normal other than AIDS so not much of consequence happens when she isn't with the doctor or suffering from her disease. It did awaken the hypochondriac within me though, and I think I enjoyed it a little less for that.

St-Onge Mar 1, i think that the book was sad at the middle and the begining at lease she had the courge to put into a book for the public to read about. A teenage girl named Nancy gets raped by a guy she thinks she loves.

The thing is he was 18 years old and she was only 14 years old. This is based on a true story!

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Her story is told through diary entries.The thought-provoking narrative ends with Nancy's death and is followed by an informative series of questions and answers about rape and AIDS. Ages up. (Mar.) Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly. Gr 7 Up-A book based on the diary of a real teenager. Nancy, 14, is ``a good little Catholic'' girl, living in South Carolina/5().

By an Anonymous Teenager, A True Story from Her Diary

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It Happened to Nancy is her journal, full of the hope and heartbreak of a year-old girl. Her life had only just begun. Her life had only just begun.

It Happend To Nancy

This overwhelming document of the potential darkness of our age took shape under Beatrice Sparks, of Go Ask Alice and Annie’s Baby fame. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager, A True Story from Her Diary: The True Story of a Teenager (Confident Collector) auf Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern.

Nancy was an innocent fourteen-year-old when she fell in love for the very first time. Collin was a dream come true--a handsome college student, and he made her trust him completely.

Mar 25,  · im doing a project on this book, it happened to nancy. for the project i'm writing an obituary for nancy, and i need to know what year she died and where she was Resolved.

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