Formula for writing a cozy mystery authors

Carolina Reckoning by Lisa Carter is a great mystery I enjoyed. What is a Cozy Mystery? A cozy mystery features an amateur sleuth solving a murder within the confines of a controlled setting think train, mansion, small town. Most of the suspects know each other and thus know each other's secrets.

Formula for writing a cozy mystery authors

This is a guest post by award-winning author Patrick Kendrick. Click here to enter the Goodreads giveaway! But, the two genres really are quite separate. Structure of Cozy Mysteries The primary difference between the two genres, is that cozies are often, not always, based on a formula: The structure is that of piecing together a puzzle.

Think of any Agatha Christie novel and you have the formula. There are a number of popular writers who still use that formula to great success. The detective often becomes part of the crime, that is, their life is almost always at some risk for taking on this dark task. This creates suspense as we, the reader, already know the horrific way in which the killer dispatches his victims.

Think of Thomas Harris or John Sandford books.

formula for writing a cozy mystery authors

So, for thrillers, the structure is: In my new novel, Acoustic Shadowsthe story starts off with a mass killing, a school shooting, based on one of now many, unfortunately, that troubled me so much that I had to write about it, and try to produce a character that could stop it, or at least control it.

Crazies move along at breakneck pace. Here, we can smell the blood, see the severed head or the disemboweled intestines. It is meant to be disturbing and create fear, not a puzzle.

And that fear creates suspense; if done right, intense suspense. Graphic Cozies often have romantic influences and it is not uncommon to find many writers who have written romance and mystery genres. They are often humorous. Details are in the architecture, the brass door knobs, the frilly skirts, the bespectacled librarian, perhaps even a heaving bosom, or two.

The crime is restricted, usually, to the quaint town, or even a singular home, or castle. They are almost never humorous. Captain Arthur Hastings from the Poirot novels. The characters are witty, funny, temperamental, fussy or eccentric. They are often caricatures more so than characters.

They can be meticulous but just as often can seem careless and unassuming, even bumbling. Think of Colombo, or Monk. The killer is often someone with something to gain, or there might not even be a murder. The criminal, with few exceptions is not as interesting as the sleuth.

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There might be a theft of the family heirloom or the prized pet. In crazies, the killer might be the antagonist of the story, and it might be written in first person. In Extended Familythere are two first person narratives. One is from our protagonist, Fire Marshal Greymon Gift, the other we are not sure about other than we know he is a very demented killer.

You might suspect it is Gift in both narratives and this creates a natural tension, a discomfort of where the story might go. Why is the lawman, Justin Thiery so full of doubt? What secret is the school teacher hiding? Why are the killers so mentally deranged? The killers in crazies are often at least as interesting as the protagonist, if not more so.

formula for writing a cozy mystery authors

I have witnessed murder victims and numerous violent crimes. Author Patrick Kendrick With that, I feel an obligation to write the scenes as realistically and as uncomfortably, as possible.

Because, murders are not cute or cozy in real life.Antique Shop Mystery Series This is another Annie’s chronological Cozy Mystery series that is written by several authors. Maggie Watson, the sleuth, is a widow and owner of an antiques shop.

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Maggie Watson, the sleuth, is a widow and owner of an antiques shop. The Golden Age of Detective Fiction was an era of classic murder mystery novels of similar patterns and styles, predominantly in the s and s. The Golden Age proper is in practice usually taken to refer to a type of fiction which was predominant in the s and s but had been written since at least and is still being written.

Jun 25,  · It takes quite the courageous cozy mystery author to kill off a beloved character! Readers usually delve into cozy mysteries for the charm and warmth, not for being saddened over a great character's death, so this cliche makes sense.

Having a special theme, hobby, interest, or shop. This is probably the most understandable of the cliches on here. Unsolicited Advice for Those Who Write Cozy Mysteries Posted on March 8, by kaitlynkathy Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, stating up front that I love mysteries at the cozy end of the traditional mystery spectrum.

Elizabeth shares her Formula for a cozy mystery: 1) Introduce your characters 2)Interaction between suspects & victims 3)Death of Victim 4)Sleuth interviews suspects 5)There a second dead body 6)Sleuth interviews more suspects 7)A moment of danger for the Sleuth 8)Reveal of who the killer is .

Feb 10,  · Cozy Mysteries v. Traditional Mysteries v. Amateur Sleuths I do think there can easily be a simplicity and formula to a cozy, but I find that the most successful cozy authors, as with the most successful authors in any genre, tend to push those boundaries a little bit.

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