Ford pinto paper

Orders and deposits were taken starting at the end of October

Ford pinto paper

Doug Duncan The flying car has been invented over and over again. The problem is, each iteration has fallen somewhere on the line between amusing failure and outright disaster.

Perhaps the most infamous example was the AVE Mizar, a. After attending the Northrop Institute of Technology's aeronautical engineering school, he began his career at North American Aviation as a structural engineer working on jet engine and aircraft design.

Ford pinto paper

Inhe joined Rocketdyne as a project engineer, working on their missile development and aerospace programs. After a decade at Rocketdyne, Smolinsky left to form his own company with his friend, Hal Blake. The idea was simple enough: The Pinto was backed into the airframe and four high-strength, self-locking pins were used to hook everything together.

The Mizar could use both the car engine and the aircraft engine during launch to shorten the takeoff roll. Red knew turning the craft would put too much stress on the unsupported wing and might rip it clean off, so he had to put the Mizar straight down in a bean field and drive the wounded vehicle, airframe still attached, back to the airport.

AVE got great publicity anyway. The Mizar became a hard-to-ignore sensation and Galpin Ford of Sepulveda now known as North HillsCalifornia, signed on as a national distributor. The aircar people acknowledged there are problems.

On September 11, Jannise was not available for a scheduled test flight, so Smolinsky and Blake took the Mizar up themselves. According to Mac Grisham, the airport manager, the men had made an agreement with the airport that they would notify him before each flight, so he could alert local police and fire officials.

For some reason, Smolinsky made no contact with Grisham that day, and after watching the Mizar take off, Grisham ran to the air control tower to radio the craft. The alarm had been hit by Danny Edwards, an air traffic controller in the tower, who had been watching the Mizar through his binoculars.

The Mizar twisted and then fell, with various parts and pieces flying off.

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Another witness was on his lawn and watched the craft fall, strike the top of a tree, crash onto a pickup truck parked in the street, and burst into flames. After their investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board reported that this particular version of the Mizar had several problems.

Ford pinto paper

For one, even though the Pinto was not a large car, the Mizar was just too heavy. It was already over gross weight without passengers or fuel. They also found loose parts and an earlier problem that reared its head again.

A bad weld had resulted in the right wing strut attachment failing where it met the body panel of the Pinto. With the death of its inventor, the Mizar project was shelved and AVE shut down. But Smolinsky did make it fly, even if just for a few moments, when so many others could never get their own flying cars off the ground.Responses to “Ford Focus Transmission Problem Has Ford Focusing On Solution” #1 Robert Miles says.

July 23rd, at pm. had the Ford fix done last week still having a shudder when it shifts and wrong gear selection by the trans. Save $5, on a Ford Escape. Search over 97, listings to find the best local deals. CarGurus analyzes over 6 million cars daily. The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car that was manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company in North America, sold from the to the model years.

The smallest American Ford vehicle since , the Pinto was the first subcompact vehicle produced by Ford in North America; the Pinto was also the first mass-produced American car sold with rack and pinion steering. Read this essay on The Ford Pinto Case. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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