Ebola awareness

In this interview Dr. Mattia speaks about the Ebola Sensitisation Project run by the hospital, and the progress made in educating the public about this debilitating disease. What is the Ebola Sensitisation project about? John Mattia addresses a training session about Ebola for community leaders in Sierra Leone The Ebola Sensitisation Project, initiated in Novemberis a social mobilisation campaign aiming at educating communities about Ebola- the disease, the causes and prevention and safety measures.

Ebola awareness

Ebola Awareness Published on: The first case of Ebola was confirmed in Guinea in March Following its spread through West Africa, we conducted country and site specific risk based assessments.

Ebola awareness

These examined the likely impact of Ebola and our response through our immediate crisis emergency management procedure. We have since set up a Group Ebola response team, increased daily monitoring and surveillance and provided educational and awareness materials.

All our business units have also developed specific Ebola response plans which include business continuity. We have also run training exercises in Ghana and London to create awareness on how the contingency plans will be executed at a site level.

The London drill highlighted that employees lacked awareness of transmission paths and feared the disease and further training has now been carried out.

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As the outbreak stabilises, we ensure that our response in each Business Unit is adjusted to reflect the current situation. We are also using the Ebola response plans across the rest of the company as a framework for how we respond to other new infectious diseases and pandemics. We have run Ebola training exercises in Ghana and London to create awareness on how contingency plans will be executed at a site level.Ebola Awareness.

1 of 1. This Just In Time Training video was produced by the Lagos State Ministry of Health. “Ebola is real,” stressed community leader Gabriel Selemani at an impromptu gathering near a marketplace. “Don’t play games with it, and don’t listen to rumours and lies being spread around that it is a fairy-tale, an international conspiracy, or as a result of witchcraft.”.

Since the start of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), UNICEF and its partners have reached more than , people with lifesaving information about how to avoid contracting the deadly virus, as part of an ongoing awareness-raising campaign targeting more than , people across the affected areas.

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CPE EBOLA AWARENESS CAMPAIGN CPE RAISES AWARENESS OF EBOLA THREAT AND PREVENTION. 12 August In Liberia, the Ebola virus has killed more than people, including 39 health care workers, since it erupted in the country in May A one-day awareness campaign aimed at educating teachers and educators on the Ebola viral disease has been launched in the country by the National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL).

Mar 23,  · Since Ebola virus disease was identified in West Africa on March 23, , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has undertaken the most intensive response in the agency’s history; >3, staff have been involved, including >1, deployed to .

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