Dr james cones essay on martin and malcolm

James Cone was born in Fordyce, Arkansas in and grew up in the small town of Bearden. There he experienced the life-affirming community of the black Church alongside the soul-crushing reality of white racism. Through sermons, songs, and prayers that called on God's concern for their well-being, the Macedonia African Methodist Episcopal AME Church taught Cone "how to deal with the contradictions of life and provided a way to create meaning in a society not of [his] own making. The whites in Bearden, as Cone explains, "tried to make us believe that God created black people to be white people's servants.

Dr james cones essay on martin and malcolm

A Dream or a Nightmare by James H. Martin and Malcolm and America is a study in contrasts between the two great black civil rights leader of the s, Martin Luther King, Jr. Cone also uses their stories and his interpretations of their philosophies to argue that their ideas are complimentary and must be used by the black community to advance their interests.

The book begins with an introduction that contrasts the ideas of the two figures; Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin King believed in the philosophy of integration, with blacks and whites living as one, whereas Malcolm X believed in the philosophy of segregation, with blacks becoming conscious of their racial identity, separating themselves from whites, and promoting their own interests and values.

Malcolm X was a believer in Black Nationalism, whereas King rejected such ideas. However, the African-American community contains these two ideas within their culture; many see their ideas and lives as antagonistic, but Cone wants to argue otherwise. Chapter 9 weighs the relative merits of both views, showing how they can compliment and correct one another.

Chapter 10 criticizes them for not being sufficiently anti-sexist and socialist, and Chapter 11 discusses their continuing legacy in culture, politics, American Christianity, organization strategy and so on.

Chapter 12 concludes the book. This section contains words approx.According to James Cone, in his book, Martin and Malcolm and America, home and church were the most important influences upon the early life of Martin.

In both contexts, he was "introduced to the integrationist values of protest, accommodation, self-help, and optimism.". Rev. Dr. James Cone, He cited Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, as “mainly a theology that sees God as concerned with the poor and the weak” during a interview with NPR.

James Cone illustrates the great comparative strengths and limitations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X as religious and civil rights leaders for the black community (and their relevance to whites as well)/5(42).

"Martin & Malcolm in America" by James Cone Essay by The Research Group "Martin & Malcolm in America" by James Cone Reviews work examining reasons for differences in whites' perceptions of two black leaders' politics, activism, heritage.

Jan 16,  · Dr King was assassinated in In the moths following his death a young pastor and theologian by the name of James Cone sat down and wrote the .

Leaders in the United Church of Christ are mourning the passing of a spiritual giant with the death of the Rev.

Dr james cones essay on martin and malcolm

Dr. James Hal Cone. The renowned founder of Black Liberation Theology, Cone was an award-winning author, minister and distinguished professor at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.

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