Communications satellite corporation case study

Fruhan and Wei Wang Burton Sensors presents a realistic situation where a small, rapidly growing, and profitable temperature sensor original equipment manufacturer OEM reaches its debt capacity and seeks equity financing to sustain high growth.

Communications satellite corporation case study

After September 11, experts learned that tremendous amounts of available information within and beyond the Defense Department required adequate connections among its various providers and users. If bandwidth is becoming an important bottleneck in battle, went the question, what is the U.

Department of Defense DoD initiated a Transformational Communications Study to accelerate the delivery of advanced communications capabilities with state-of-the art technology. It looked at many options, and assessed current plans. The study concluded that the US. It also suggested that there was a window of opportunity to provide an architectural framework for a compatible communications system across the Department of Defense and the intelligence community — one that could increase U.

Lots of transformation systems emerging today and the time to achieve interoperability is now. At present, all of the U.

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Colonel Patrick Rayermann, head of the U. While their programs are designed to be compatible with each other, priorities between these groups sometimes differ.


In addition, the separation of funding and lobbying means that technical elements designed to work together may not be funded synchronously. This is part of the task facing the newly-formed Transformational Communications Office. Communications satellites come in 3 flavors: These programs are all organized around the lifespan of the current Milstar II satellite constellation; the Pentagon is very confident that they will remain capable throughbut after that, their confidence diminishes.

TSAT SS Concept TSAT is intended to provide internet-like capability that extends high-bandwidth satellite capacity to deployed troops worldwide, and delivers an order of magnitude increase in available military bandwidth.

Modulated laser links between satellites would be used to create a high data-rate backbone in space, making TSAT one of the key enablers for the American vision of Network Centric Warfare.

A radar image from a Global Hawk UAV currently 12 minutesor a multi-gigabyte radar image from space-based radar 88 minuteswould also take less than a second with the TSAT network. Best of all, the recipient could be on the move with a relatively small receiver, anywhere in the world.

The high-data rate access provides a data rate from 2.

Communications satellite corporation case study

Once they are added in subsequent sets, only 20 to 50 or so of these links would be available per satellite, and they will most likely be dedicated to major intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets in space and in the air.

On the low data-rate end, TSAT users would still have about 8, simultaneous radio frequency RF data links available to them, which will provide connectivity to strategic assets and tactical users as well as the aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance ISR platforms.

The high data rate platforms have drawn the most attention, but the ability to convert high data throughput into thousands of RF channels is likely to prove equally important.

See below for full details. To try and avoid software development problems that have plagued other large space programs, the US Air Force has enlisted experts from the Software Engineering Institute.

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The TMOS program also includes the development of a network operations center NOC and operations management center, as well as the related hardware. The Pentagon says that awarding TMOS early decreases TSAT program risk by providing an integrating construct for network architecture and design, and allows the awarded contractor to begin work on formal network interface definitions and specifications.Communications Satellite Corp Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis Accounting.

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Communications satellite corporation case study

Field in and is also headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA. following case study needs answer: Coronado Communications, Inc. (CCI) was a midsized consulting company with corporate headquarters in New York City and satellite divisions in more than twenty-five of the largest cities in the United States.

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With the increasing use of smartphones and video streaming, demand for this network communications company’s 40 Gbs product rose dramatically.

To help them capture more market share, Sanmina provided substantial yield improvement, laser tuning, test-development and supply-chain expertise.

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