Can a literature review include websites

Resources for a Literature Review or an Annotated Bibliography Annotated bibliographies and literature reviews are very common forms of writing. The intent of each is to assist you, as the researcher, in gathering resources, identifying trends and problems in the research field, and analyzing those resources to assist your own research. This type of writing is also very helpful to the reader as it identifies key research articles and synthesizes the information to create a coherent picture in which the reader can place your research.

Can a literature review include websites

The Literature Review A crucial step in any research project is the literature review. The following tips will help you put together a literature review that will please your professor and, more importantly, help you to write a stronger paper.

Go to the library. Some of your library work can be done from a computer at home or at another location on campus.

But whether you reach the library over the internet or on foot, the library is the place you need to start. Decide what kind of material you need to gather. Will you use journal articles, books, or both?

Will you look at websites? For most classes, you will need to use scholarly sources. What are scholarly sources? That simply means that you will want to use research that goes through an academic review process.

The finding sources section of this website will direct you to scholarly sources. Ask your professor or the librarian about any material that you are unsure about.

Journal articles and books published by a University Press are almost always acceptable scholarly sources.

Can a literature review include websites

There are plenty of great sources that are not "scholarly". You might want to check with your professor to see if he or she will permit you to use these.

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Non-scholarly sources are particularly good if you are doing research rather than a literature review. Read your sources and take notes! The notes will form the core of your paper.

Make sure to clearly write down where all quotes and ideas come from. You will need to cite these in your paper. If you do not cite material, that is plagiarism - a very serious academic offense.

When in doubt, cite. If you haven't cited material before, you may want to talk with your professor about his or her expectations and preferred citation format.

The Literature Review

If you mention an idea that was in one of the books you read, then you must put the name of the author and the year of the book at the end of the sentence.

It will look like this Dillon Citations tell your reader where to look if he or she wants to learn more about that idea. They also acknowledge that your own thinking on an idea has been informed by this person's work.

It is a way of giving authors credit for their ideas and research.Literature Review. A good literature review serves as a "one stop shop" for a person seeking information on a topic. Your literature review should start out by presenting a clear introduction to your topic that outlines the scope of coverage that will be provided, and, if appropriate, situates the topic in the context of related topics in the field.

Literature Review. Housing-focused Publications in the We began our search by visiting the websites of CASA committee members and then radiated outward to affiliated organizations.

We found documents to review. Of those, we selected 68 to include in the final report. The. How to Begin the Search for Related Literature A thorough literature review requires you to search books, journals, abstracts, indices, the Internet, and texts that deal with your topic.

There are several ways to conduct a literature review.

How you cite the literature review depends on your usage. Ehsan's suggestion of citing the original study is good, if and only if the data from the original work will be used in a meta-analysis. A diversity of feedback perspectives on a literature review can help identify where the consensus view stands in the landscape of the current scientific understanding of an issue. Rule 9: Include Your Own Relevant Research, but Be Objective. A systematic review Review protocol Organization, City, Country: University of the Philippin es Manila, Manila, Include definitions, answers to background questions, description of the intervention and how it might For the purposes of this literature review, the population, intervention, comparators.

A literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, providing a . the literature review you find out, and in finding out you can focus and sharpen up your original research websites, and so on.

The shorthand for these kinds of information is You’ll notice that I include review articles in secondary sources, and. A literature review, on the other hand, is “a summary of what the scientific literature says about your specific topic or question.” A literature review generally organizes references by subject matter, theory type, methodology design, etc.

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