Book report the obsidian blade essay

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Book report the obsidian blade essay

Contact Free Book Reports Feel free to copy and paste these book reports! Anderson gave me this so me and my friend Chelsea both read it and wow. That is all I can say is wow. Pete Haufman, what was he thinking?

Okay so what no vampires or even a werewolf but come on. If this book had just one vampire it would for sure be a bestseller. The story is this. That is NOT romance!

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This book had many themes. This book had too many themes.

Book report the obsidian blade essay

One theme is The Big Crunch, which is about atoms and stuff. The other theme is True Love, which is frankly sort of boring, even in the end when they fly into space in his car or something.

I found four metaphors in this book. They are the universe, bowling, and garages. I also found three swear words. Not the really bad ones, but still.

They start with H, B, and D. The author lives in Minnesota, Wisconsin and he has a dog and according to his website his favorite color is clear. Godless Godless is the book that I read for this report.

It is about some weird kids who decide to be water tower worshippers, so they start a religion called Chutengodianism. The book was written by Pete Hautman, who writes a lot of books and once ate 22 hot dogs in 15 minutes. The first thing that happens in Godless is that Jason gets clocked by a guy named Henry, who is smaller than him.

Jason gets the idea then to start a religion, Pretty soon his friend Shin is into the religion too. Shin is even weirder than Jason and Henry. The best part is where they all climb up to the top of the water tower at night and go swimming and almost drown, and Henry falls off, and they all get caught.

They are always arguing about God and stuff, which might make some people uncomfortable, especially the part about cannibalism. There is also a bunch of stuff about snails and comic books. I thought it was a pretty good book considering that it is mostly about things that I am not interested in, and it had no sword fights or interesting creatures or cyborgs like on Terminator which is really cool.

The only really amazing part in it was when the water tower speaks to Jason in his sleep and tells him to slay his parents. Instead he just gets more confused that ever, but at least his dad is less of a jerk than he was at first.

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The book that I decided to read and then read all of is a book called Invisible by Pete Hauptmann, the guy who wrote it. It is pages long, which is shorter than some of the other books on the list, and there are several pictures which also helps, and it is about a loser named Douglas Fancypants Hanson who likes model trains, naked girls, and fires.Book Report: The Obsidian Blade I picked this book because it had the coolest cover of all the books on the list.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I have found that books that do not have cool covers are often quite boring. Author: Paul Langan Length: 2 hours 20 minutes Lexile® Level: L This sequel to Summer of Secrets continues the story of Darcy Wills as she begins her junior year at Bluford High School.

Eager to repair her relationship with her old boyfriend Hakeem, Darcy discovers that one of . Health Care Spending Essay Health Care Spending Sheilah Schmidt HCS / July 21, Marcia Smith Health Care Spending Health care is rising rapidly. Health care spending is a serious and major issue that needs more focus and stability.

I picked this book because it had the coolest screen of all the books on the list. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its screen. but I have found that books that do non hold cool screens are frequently rather deadening.

Like one of the other books merely had composing on the screen [ ]. The Obsidian Blade: Book summary and reviews of The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman. A Storm of Swords continues the story where A Clash of Kings ended.

The novel describes the increasingly vicious War of Five Kings in Westeros, Daenerys’s strengthening forces in the East, and the oncoming threat of the Others, a ghostly army that is nearly invincible. The story is told from the.

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