Banana peel as an alternative floor polisher

We could understand this behaviour the first few times we caught our son tucking into a nectarine or pear that we had left in the baby bag after an outing. Turns out our little monkey is far more health conscious than either of us gave him credit for! Banana peels are also rich sources of potassium and contain much more soluble and insoluble fiber than their flesh.

Banana peel as an alternative floor polisher

Hire Writer There are many advocacies promoting environment preservation and restoration. This may help in these advocacies.

Prima Banana Gloss Liquid Wax, car wax

Because the main ingredient was just banana peel so that will lessen the production of biodegradable garbage. And also,the product will cost lesser than those of commercial because only the tools and some additives are need to be bought, so we can assume convenience to those who will buy our product.

It may also emit the old tradition of just throwing banana peel instead they can collect it and donate for us to transform it into a more useful and effective product which happen to be the banana floor polisher. Main Problem How feasible is the production of Shinana in terms of management, operation, technical, and socio-economic aspects?

Specifically, this proposal will answer the following questions: Management Aspects a What is the name of the company?

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Marketing Aspects a What is the product description? Socio-Economic Aspects a How can the product help the people? Luckily, the entrepreneur had the chance to be one of the participants of the said Congress.

Banana peel as shoe shine concept emerged from the said event. MISSION Our enterprise shall provide efficient, eco-friendly, and quality shoe shine products locally through efficient use and systematic production of shoe shine products with banana peelings as its main raw material.

The owner is A-Zmyn T. Once it makes name in the industry, it can expand its product line will be able to offer variety of shoeshine products ,can develop new products like floor wax, sprays,disinfectants,varnish,colored wax polish made from banana peelings and other organic materials.

The formation of sole proprietorship business is very easy and simple. The entrepreneur owns all and risks all. The entire profit goes to his pocket.

Banana peel as an alternative floor polisher

This motivates the proprietor to put his heart and soul in the business to earn more profit. Thus, the direct relationship between effort and reward motivates the entrepreneur to manage the business more efficiently and effectively. The entrepreneur takes all decisions affecting the business.

This results in better control of the business and ultimately leads to efficiency. Thus, the entrepreneur as sole proprietor can arrive at quick decisions concerning the business by which he can take the advantage of any better opportunities.

Each and every aspect of the business is looked after by the proprietor and the business secrets are known to him only.

Thus, the maintenance of adequate secrecy leaves no scope to his competitors to be aware of the business secrets. The sole proprietorship business is undertaken on a small scale. The cost of formation of a sole proprietorship is the minimum because no cost is involved in its formation.

The management of the business is also inexpensive as no specialists are normally appointed in various functional areas of the business. The dissolution of the sole proprietorship is also very easy.

Since the proprietor is the supreme authority and no regulations are applicable for closure of the business he can dissolve his business any time he likes.

Harassment in employment, including sexual, racial, and ethnic harassment, as well as any other harassment forbidden by law, is strictly prohibited by the Company The Company does not discriminate, and does not permit its employees to discriminate against other employees or applicants because of race,color,religion, sex, etc.

Banana peel as an alternative floor polisher

When present employees are qualified and as justified by our Company needs and growth, the Company offers as many opportunities for promotions as possible.

Habitual or excessive absenteeism and tardiness cannot be tolerated. Eye and Face Protection: The wearing of contact lens is prohibited in working environments having harmful exposure to materials or light flashes.

Body protection from hazardous or flying substances shall be provided by clothing appropriate for the work being done. Gloves may be required for employees whose work exposes hands to hazardous substances, cuts or burns.

Appropriate foot protection shall be required for employees who are exposed to foot injuries from hot, corrosive, poisonous substances, falling objects, crushing or penetrating actions, which may cause injuries.

Ear Protection must be worn in Production areas. For safety reasons, smoking of tobacco products and drinking alcohol beverages is not permitted. Floors shall be kept clean and dry. Floors and platforms shall be kept free of projections, obstructions, holes and loose All control buttons and switches shall be properly identified as to their function and purpose.

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All shall Return tools and equipment to proper storage place after use. No jewelry, long hair or loose clothing is allowed around any machinery while operating.

Creates promotional strategy for the products demandability.How To Buff And Polish Sisal buffing wheels will provide both polishing and cutting action.

They will remove stretcher strains, orange peel, polishing wheel grit lines, light die marks, etc. With a thickness of 2”, this long lasting wheel is an economic alternative to stacking sisal wheels on a shaft.

Banana peel has the ability to moisturize your skin, relieve itchiness and as we said, cure psoriasis in just few days. Helps with Hemorrhoids The peel from this tropical fruit is also extremely beneficial and useful in the case of hemorrhoids. Banana is full of water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients.

Thus it makes for a great moisturizing face mask. Mash a banana in a small bowl with the back of a fork and apply to a clean face.

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Banana peel can also be reportedly used to dispatch headaches by simply spreading the banana peel over your forehead and then just lying back and relaxing while the nutrients contained within the peel go to work.

A great natural polisher. Last but not least, banana . WASHINGTON, Aug. 10, — To the surprisingly inventive uses for banana peels which include polishing silverware, leather shoes, and the leaves of house plants, scientists have added purification of drinking water contaminated with potentially toxic metals.

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