Animal owner informed consent use

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Animal owner informed consent use

Tamara Baroody is not taking responsibility for the primarycare of my animal.

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I shall seekprimary veterinary care for my animal at a veterinary hospital and it is myresponsibility. If she deems itadvisable, Dr. Tamara Baroody may contact my primary veterinarian to discussthe condition of my animal, and my Primary Veterinarian is hereby authorized torelease to Dr.

Baroody any diagnostic records that may help to determine anappropriate treatment plan for my animal. TamaraBaroody has informed me that there are conventional treatments available. Baroodyhas explained to me the scope of her care and described the procedures she willperform on my animal.

Those risks include the risk of injury or death of theanimal, the risk that chiropractic may not be an effective treatment, and therisk of personal injuries or destruction of property caused by the animal. I have considered those risks, andrelying on my own judgment have voluntarily agreed to assume those dangers and risks.

In no event will thefinance charges exceed the maximum lawful rate of the state whose law governs. I amexecuting this agreement of my own free will and am not under any duress orundue influence to execute this waiver.

Animal owner informed consent use

I certify that my animal has had regular, traditionalveterinary care, and has been vaccinated for rabies within the last threeyears. Ihave carefully read this authorization form.

I am fully and completely informed about and clearlyunderstand the terms of this Agreement, and give my consent to the use ofalternative veterinary therapies on my animal.Veterinary informed consent is considered to be the owner’s formal agreement to the medical or surgical course of action proposed, based on the principle that owners or authorized agents are given adequate information .

Animal owner informed consent use

As the owner, or duly authorised agent for the owner, you have been asked to have your animal participate in a research study. Your informed consent is required prior to this use. Please read this document and accompanying Consent Form carefully, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Veterinary informed consent is also used to provide legal protection for both the owner and the vet (Flemming and Scott ) and for some, veterinary informed consent has been primarily defined as a risk management tool (Martin ).

I am the owner or agent for the animal describes above and I have the authority to execute this consent. I hereby consent and authorize the veterinarians or veterinary staff to .

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As the owner or duly authorised agent for the owner you have been asked to have your animal participate in a research study. Your informed consent is required prior to this use. The purpose of this form is to secure an animal owner’s informed consent to enroll their animal(s) in non-terminal research/teaching protocols with the understanding that that the animal(s) remain the property of the owner/client and will be returned to the owner/client at the end of the protocol.

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