Andrew mellon foundation dissertation fellowship

Full list of Fellows, institutions, and departments below. Mellon Foundation and administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, creates career development opportunities for selected faculty fellows with promising research projects. The Career Enhancement retreat, an integral part of the program, provides opportunities for Fellows to meet at length with mentors they have selected—senior academics who help advise these early-career faculty on next steps in professional development.

Andrew mellon foundation dissertation fellowship

With its strengths in pioneering technology-enhanced learning TEL and its university-wide commitment to using TEL to improve student learning outcomes through the Simon InitiativeCMU is well-positioned to meet these goals.

Digital humanities fellows will incorporate everything from game theory simulations to visual maps of social movements in their projects, while TEL fellows will explore new approaches to teaching language and constructing arguments.

He plans to create a digital map with biographical data about the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee SNCC field workers and student volunteers who participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer — a defining moment in the civil rights movement.

The fellowship will fund a course on D3. Busch looks forward to meeting and collaborating with the other fellows, learning about their projects and engaging in interdisciplinary conversations about the digital humanities. Qiong Li, Second Language Acquisition Modern Languages Department Second-language L2 learning is not limited to grasping grammar and vocabulary; it also requires pragmatic competence — an understanding of usage in appropriate contexts.

Li seeks to fill a gap in the current research about teaching pragmatic competence to L2 learners with the assistance of computer-mediated communication CMC tools. For her TEL project, Li will pair L2 learners with native Chinese speakers via Skype and computerize data from these interactions using Revolution software.

For L2 learners, the indirect meaning is more difficult to understand.

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Throughout the fellowship, Qin plans to explore similar tools, like LiveCode, that may impact her project design. She looks forward to participating in reading groups and workshops with other digital humanities fellows and plans to take the discourse analysis course offered by Barbara Johnstoneprofessor of English and linguistics.

Robinson-Arnull is interested in modeling the evolution of this use of language and its role in human communities. These models can then be simulated computationally to demonstrate how moral language influences the behavior of groups over time.

He expects to benefit from working with other digital humanities fellows from a variety of disciplines, but particularly in the English and Modern Languages Departments.

Andrew mellon foundation dissertation fellowship

The time and resources provided by the fellowship will allow him to scale current simulations so he can add further complexity to game-theoretic models. Reading to learn helps students comprehend texts and connect that information with prior knowledge to convey new understanding of a topic.

For example, students might read about feminism in Japan, compare it with feminism in the U. She will explore technology, which may include the Django web framework and Python, to help students identify and correct gaps in their understanding.

Tsai looks forward to sharing progress with other TEL fellows and learning from their research to develop a computer-mediated reading-to-learn module that will become part of her dissertation research.

The redesigned course will give students an opportunity to engage more deeply with the material by leveraging a software environment that encourages exploration.

Specifically, the project will require students to construct arguments that make use of concepts and techniques they learned in the lecture and OLI text.

The goal is for students to recognize deep analogies between examples given in class and an example they will work through for the group project.

For Walsh, the most exciting aspect of the fellowship is that it allows him to devote the necessary time during the semester for designing—and refining—the course so he can focus on implementation and design.

Science and Technology Culture in the U. He will use this data to visually map cultural and ideological conflicts related to science and technological advancements in the U. Wiscomb hopes to make connections between dominant cultural views of the time period, underlying beliefs about the future and ideas about achieving a post-human utopia within digital cultures — for example, merging with machines or living forever inside computers.

He will focus his time during the fellowship on trainings in data visualization and dynamic network analysis and will also attend the DHSI.Dissertation Completion Fellowships Fellowship Details: A stipend of $25,, plus funds for research costs of up to $3, and university fees of up to $5,The total award of up to $33, includes a stipend plus additional funds for university fees and research Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships are to assist graduate students in the humanities and related social.

Holly Miowak Guise (Andrew W. Mellon NASI Digital Knowledge Sharing Fellow) is a History Ph.D.

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candidate at Yale University completing her dissertation on World War II Alaska Native history. Born in Anchorage, and Iñupiaq with family from Unalakleet, her research travels have carried her across Alaska.

The Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in Humanistic Studies are funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, generous sponsor of this fellowship, has made a challenge grant to the Society, which is currently raising money to endow this fellowship.

Andrew mellon foundation dissertation fellowship

The purpose of the post-dissertation fellowship is to provide the recipient with time and resources to extend research and/or to revise the dissertation for publication. A grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports this program. ACLS will award 65 fellowships in this competition for a one-year term beginning between June and September for the academic year.

Duke History PhD candidate Travis Knoll received an AY Andrew Mellon Foundation-funded Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship.

With this support, he will pursue his dissertation on affirmative action, Catholicism, and Black movements in Brazil.

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